Remove Dangerous Trees From Your Yard

Get professional tree removal or stump grinding services in Carmel Hamlet & all of Putnam County, NY

Whether for safety or aesthetics, bringing down a full-grown tree is not an easy feat. Johnson's Tree Service Inc in Carmel Hamlet, NY offers professional tree removal services for deal, disease and unwanted trees around your home. We'll chop your tree down limb by limb and leave your lawn looking fresh and attractive.

We even offer full stump grinding services so no one will know there was a tree there. Don't wait until it's too late. Call today for emergency tree removal services.

Do you need to have a tree removed?

Do you need to have a tree removed?

Leaving dangerous trees in your lawn can cause serious damage if they fall. Johnson's Tree Service can safely get rid of your dangerous trees and leave your home a little safer than before.

We suggest having your trees removed if they are:

  • Damaged by strong wind or lightning
  • Rotting or ridden with disease
  • Growing or leaning on power lines
  • Exposing roots above the ground

Schedule our dangerous tree removal services today and don't worry about the safety of your home any longer.